What We Do
Trillium Teams helps organizations build stronger teams and leaders. We offer four distinct services:
Why Trillium?
Over the past nine years, our clients and participants have told us what differentiates us from others:
  • Our fun, interactive and results-oriented Team Building Workshops
  • Our powerful and practical Leadership Courses
  • Our DISC assessment tool
  • Our team philosophy of always using two facilitators in our workshops and courses
  • Our commitment to delivering high customer care to all clients
Learn what our clients are raving about! We use a behavioural assessment tool called DISC as the baseline for discussion in our Team Building Workshops, as well as our Authentic Leadership Course. The DISC report helps people articulate their work and communication style. DISC measures the following four dimensions of behaviour:
  1. How you respond to problems and challenges. (D)
  2. How you influence others to your point of view. (I)
  3. How you respond to the pace of your work environment. (S)
  4. How you handle rules and procedures as set by others. (C)
The assessments are available online and only take 10 minutes to complete. Learn more about DISC.