Trillium Teams helps organizations build stronger teams and leaders through team building workshops, a team coaching process, facilitation services, and leadership courses. Since 2005, Trillium Teams has helped over 100 clients in private organizations, government departments, crown corporations, and associations build stronger and more productive teams.

Workshop Leaders
Trillium Teams was established by Ruth Gmehlin and Jill Geddes. Both Jill and Ruth are Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF), Certified Professional Behavioural Analysts (CPBA) and Certified Professional Values Analysts (CPVA). They bring with them over 30 years of combined experience working with diverse organizations and some of the most successful companies in Ottawa such as Cognos/IBM, Corel, Espial and Mitel.

What Differentiates Trillium Teams?
Trillium Teams facilitates all workshops using two facilitators; in other words, as a team. This is a key differentiator from all other competitors; we believe so strongly in teamwork that we model the behaviour in our facilitated workshops. Having two facilitators who specialize in teamwork and team building workshops is the key to success for any team event.
  • Participants learn in different ways and respond to different styles, having two facilitators ensures everyone in the room is engaged, heard, and understood.
  • The energy level stays high resulting in a more productive and fun workshop.
  • All transcribed notes from the workshop are accurate, since both facilitator and note-taker are always engaged.
To learn more about Trillium Teams, we encourage you to contact us or call at 613-241-6472.