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As the founders of Trillium Teams, our goal is to leave a positive, lasting impression with our clients.

We strive to ensure our participants leave energized and equipped to take their communication and leadership to the next level. At Trillium Teams, we are dedicated to helping teams and leaders -YOU- grow stronger through a proven learning experience. We built our reputation and credibility by delivering dynamic, relevant and engaging workshops where we combine our extensive leadership expertise with a fresh, authentic approach based on three principles:

Real Results

We are truly committed to provide you with a practical strategy including clear next steps to allow fast results back at the office. With over 40 years of combined experience, we bring to you a unique skill set and combination of real-world situations, experiences and tangible tips shared by professionals in our sessions.

Continued Growth

The process of learning and self-awareness is a life-long-adventure! We are really passionate about making sure that our workshops are all about you, we ignite the spark and empower you to move forward on your path of personal and professional growth.


We believe so strongly in teamwork that we model the behavior: all our workshops are facilitated by Ruth and Jill - in other words, as a team! This is a key differentiator from other competitors and adds to the sucess of our workshops. We help your team work better together by understanding, respecting, and appreciating the different styles and strengths of everyone on the team.

The Trillium Teams adventure started 18 years ago, out of an office located in the second bedroom of Ruth's apartment.

This adventure started in 2004 shortly after Jill and Ruth met while working at Cognos. Within the first few weeks of working together their entire team participated in a team building workshop in Boston, and unbeknownst to them at the time, this was the life changing moment.

Everything about this workshop captivated them, from the new information and insights gained during the session, to the positive shift in team dynamics that followed, as well as the DISC reports. That was the day the idea took hold and they turned to each other and said "we should start something like this in Ottawa!"

That type of statement can be a lot of hot air, but not to Ruth and Jill. What started out as a dream, turned into a reality two months later when they quit their jobs and started Trillium Teams, out of a second bedroom-converted to an office in January 2005.

Today, Trillium Teams is proud to say that Jill and Ruth have delivered their proven programs to 5000+ participants from diverse backgrounds ranging from Fortune 500 companies, private corporations, government departments and non-profits. They have been recognized for their unique way of delivering both the leadership courses and the team building workshops in an interactive, relevant and entertaining manner. Their philosophy is "Dream Big!" And they started in Ottawa, and have expanded over the years - first across Canada, then to the U.S (in cities such as Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco), and finally abroad, to the UK and Singapore... And they're just getting started. The sky is the limit!

All courses are delivered by Jill and Ruth, the co-founders of Trillium Teams

Ruth Gmehlin

Who said north was up? To me, it's all about perspective. I grew up in Germany, emigrated to Canada at age 11 and have had the good fortune of living, working, and traveling extensively abroad. These rich experiences have shaped my world view, and I enjoy bringing my sense of adventure and natural curiosity about people, places and ideas into the classroom.

My style is very much "make-it-happen": I can quickly see what is needed in the moment and guide conversations, to create a safe environment and allow people to be authentic, so everyone can learn and benefit from the interaction.

Leadership Philosophy

"You can't direct the winds, but you can adjust your sails."
Jill Geddes

Life begins outside your comfort zone! In my early career days, I worked in marketing roles for high tech companies. I was ready for a change and when I met Ruth while working at Cognos, we decided to base our business around the values that matter to us: adventure, travel, curiosity, fun and laughter.

I feel so fortunate to have found my passion - helping people build stronger relationships at work through team building and helping people be more "connected" with themselves through our leadership courses.

Leadership Philosophy

The theme of "connection" and "building relationships" runs through every aspect of my life