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Case Study: Successfully Implementing DISC

September 1, 2009 by Jill Geddes, Partner, Trillium Teams Inc

The Background

The Banff Centre, a well respected arts and educational institution, was looking for a single assessment tool that would help them with several of their learning and development programs, which included leadership initiatives, in-house team building workshops, succession planning, a mentorship program, exit interviews, and a recruitment tool.

The Challenge

Starting the search for the right tool to help with the learning and development programs in your organization can be overwhelming; there are many different assessment options and programs available, how do I choose the right one for our organization? As part of their analysis, The Banff Centre also took into consideration the cost per assessment and the training involved to implement the tool into their programs to accommodate their budget and time restrictions. The goal was to find the most practical and useful tool, that would be easy to learn, use, and administer, and be relatively inexpensive to implement.


After evaluating several different assessments based on criteria such as ease of use, cost, and training available, the Banff Centre chose the DISC behavioural assessment from Trillium Teams. The DISC assessment tool articulates how managers and employees approach problems and challenges, communicate with others, like to managed and motivated, deal with conflict, and adapt to change. They also chose the DISC assessment because it offered them several other benefits:

  • Available online, 24/7 and only takes 10 minutes to complete
  • Easy to administer and understand by the administrator and the recipient
  • Business specific with language suitable to the work environment
  • Internationally supported, the assessment can be filled out in over 30 languages
  • Natural and adapted styles, this is a unique aspect of this DISC assessment

Unique DISC Training

One of the main reasons the Banff Centre chose the DISC assessment from Trillium Teams was because of their unique approach to training. This program was a combination of customized training, one on one coaching, and practical application to their specific needs. To set each participant up for success, the training also included some pre and post event one on one coaching, to help them be able to seamlessly incorporate the DISC model into their unique programs.

The Results

The results were clear. At the end of the three day workshop, each participant felt confident in using the DISC assessment for their respective learning & development initiatives, whether it be facilitating a team building workshop, creating a mentorship program, or using it as part of the recruitment process. Each participant walked away with the following tangible items:

  • Individual DISC Links: Each participant was equipped with their own unique DISC link to be able to administer and implement it into their learning & development programs. Each person would then receive a monthly invoice, based on a pay per use basis, no additional or hidden fees.
  • Practical Next Steps: Each participant created a tangible action plan, with guidance and input from the group, for how they would implement DISC into their respective programs.
  • A Trusted DISC Advisor: Upon completion of the training, an ongoing supportive relationship was formed with Trillium Teams, which meant that each participant could call upon their expertise when encountering challenges or when initiating a new learning and development program.

What Made the Difference?

Finally and most importantly, Trillium Teams unique approach to training. Trillium Teams was extremely responsive to the client needs and requests.

  • They offer a well balanced combination of training, learning by doing, and coaching in a supportive learning environment.
  • The pre workshop 90 minute coaching call gave each participant an opportunity for personal development, to discuss their specific learning objectives, as well as the chance to get to know the instructors to build rapport and trust before the training event.
  • The post workshop one on one 60 minute coaching call gave each participant an additional opportunity to ask specific questions about DISC once they were using the assessments with their clients.
  • Trillium Teams asked each participant about their learning objectives for the Train the Trainer session and ensured that the needs of each person were met.
  • Post training, Trillium Teams was available whenever the client had an inquiry about administering their unique DISC link.