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Course FAQ

Leadership Philosophy Courses

I haven't heard much about this type of course in the past, why did you decide to offer this course?

This course is based on direct feedback from past participants of our Authentic Leadership Course, gathered during focus group sessions and informally. When past participants inquire about other courses, we had some ideas about what to offer. We also thought it was more important to talk to our clients, directors, managers, team leads etc to hear about their leadership challenges and what they would find useful in a another course. As a result, the Leadership Philosophy Course was created.

Why is important to have a leadership philosophy?

Employees are inspired by leaders with a clear philosophy - people perform better when they know what to expect from their leaders. Both you and the people you are leading will benefit from gaining clarity around your passions, motivators, goals, and expectations.

Will this course offer different types of leadership philosophies that I should try implementing?

This course will not offer you a list of different leadership philosophies that you could adopt. Instead, over the two days you will spend time developing and honing your own authentic leadership philosophy around your passions, motivators, goals, and expectations - which will help you lead others and yourself better.

One of the objectives of this course is around gaining facilitation skills to have more meaningful conversations? How does this apply to this course?

Part of this course will cover some basic facilitation techniques to help you have more productive meetings and clear conversations; these techniques will help you extract thoughts and ideas from others, as well as synthesize them and gain buy-in from the group. You will have an opportunity to practice these techniques during the course with other participants. These techniques are extremely practical and can be used back at the office with staff or stakeholders.

What are the benefits of taking this course?

There are many; however, we'll note the top three. First is decision making, since it's easier when you are clear about your values, goals, and passions to make decisions.

Second is gaining new contacts and having an opportunity to connect with one or others to act as a neutral person to bounce ideas and challenges off of. In turn, become that leadership sounding board to someone else.

Third is inspiration; people long to have a leader with clarity and passion that they can follow and in this course we strive to help you be that inspiration to others and to yourself.

The Leadership Philosophy Course - best course ever! Super professional. Never fell asleep and left wanting more.
Peter Smith
Programmer Analyst, Public Service Commission
Canada 2015
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