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Leadership  Philosophy

Leadership Philosophy Course

People are inspired by leaders with a clear leadership philosophy and values. If you've already attended The Authentic Leadership Course with us, it was focused on "HOW" you lead and this one is about "WHY" you lead.

This course guides you through an interactive experience to help you gain clarity on your values, motivators, and goals. This clarity will have an internal impact on you - helping you with decision making, setting priorities, and career advancement. It will also allow you to have a greater impact on others - you will be more influential and inspirational. You will walk away with tools to communicate these to others to help you be a more intentional leader.

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Course Objectives
Course Agenda
Our Approach
Who Should Attend
What's Included

Course Objectives

  • 1. Define your leadership philosophy and learn how to communicate it.
  • 2. Gain clarity on what motivates you and understand how to better motivate others.
  • 3. Learn facilitation techniques to have more meaningful conversations.
  • 4. Create a code of conduct to help guide your leadership of others.
  • 5. Become accountable for making things happen for yourself.
  • 6. Build your network of leaders.

Course Agenda

Day 1
Arrivals and Breakfast (8:30am to 9:00am)
Course Introduction
  • Introduction, Setting Expectations, Ground Rules
  • Introductions: Recognizing Your Accomplishments
Facilitation Philosophy
  • Tools for Facilitating Successful Leadership Conversations
Leadership: Where Are You At?
  • Self Reflection: Current Landscape, Challenge, Opportunity
  • Pair Discussion: Gaining Clarity About Where You’re At
Values Based Leadership
  • Introduction to Values Based Leadership
  • Exercise: Early Influences on Your Values
Lunch (12:00pm – 1:00pm)
Values Exercises
  • Exercise: Values You Admire in Others
  • Exercise: Experiences that Shaped Your Values
Articulating Your Values
  • Self-Reflection: Articulating Your Values
  • Pair Discussion: Discussing Your Values
Wrap Up Day 1
  • Review Day 1 & Closing Exercise
Hard Stop (4:00pm)
Day 2
Arrivals and Breakfast (8:30am to 9:00am)
Exploring Your Leadership Philosophy
  • Three Rounds of Interviews
    • Living Your Values
    • Your Motivator
    • Your Goal and Next Steps
Articulating Your Leadership Philosophy
  • Reviewing Discussions Had Over Two Days
  • Creating Your “Leadership Philosophy” Flipchart
Lunch (12:00pm – 1:00pm)
  • Presentations & Feedback
Wrap Up
  • Course Review & Wrap Up
Hard Stop (4:00pm)

Our Approach

Our course approach is to offer you a truly unique experience. Our hope for you is that our courses will have a lasting impact on you as a leader and as a person. These are not your typical course structures where many models will be discussed; instead they both offer a balanced mix of self-reflection time, one-on-one discussions, small group work and large group discussions.

We strive to make the learning stick through creating an experiential environment and by making people of all styles feel comfortable participating at the level they want to. As well, we limit the course to a maximum of 20 participants to ensure a quality experience.

Learn more by reading our Courses FAQ or email us for a course outline.rn

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone influencing or leading others will benefit from this course. Directors, Managers, Team Leads, Analysts, Advisors.

What's Included

  • All Course Materials
  • Workbook
  • Full Breakfast, Snacks, Refreshments, and Lunch

Leadership Philosophy Schedule


City & Course


Nov 25 & 26, 2024
Ottawa, ON
The Corporate Centre (TCC)
$1695 $1495
Early Bird!
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I knew I was going to learn a lot and enjoy myself as soon as Ruth and Jill welcomed me at the door. Thanks for a valuable learning experience!
Stephanie Leroux
Employment and Social Development Canada
Ottawa December 2018
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