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Physician   Leadership

Physician Leadership

Trillium Teams offers a transformative and unique leadership development program, specifically for physician leaders. The goal of this customized training is to help physicians discover their authentic leadership style, to be a more effective, inspiring, and engaging leader with their colleagues, staff, and patients.

Trillium Teams believes in making the learning practical and applicable to a physicians' work environment. As such, all training sessions provide a suitable mix of lecture, self-reflection, one-on-one work with other participants, small group work, and large group debriefs. As facilitators, we focus on teaching concrete tools, and ensuring a level of confidence to put these into immediate practice. Physician leaders will leave with clear next steps, and techniques to apply the learning, as well as accountability partners to ensure the learning sticks.

Topic #1: Leadership Styles using DISC

DISC leadership profiles leverage personal preferences to help carve the actionable path you need to become a more authentic leader. Gain new awareness around your own leadership style and strengths, as well as those of others to be able to communicate and motivate more effectively.

Topic #2: Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

By now, EQ needs little introduction, it’s no secret that it is critical to successful leadership. But knowing what EQ is and knowing how to use it to improve your leadership, are two very different things. Expect to learn practical tips about how to apply the concepts of self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy, and social skills to build a more genuine connection with others and deliver high quality patient care.

Topic #3: Feedback & Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations aren’t just part of a leader’s job - they are at the very core of it. Physician leaders will learn hands-on tips to lead more productive conversations, whether it be with patients and their families to deliver difficult news or with colleagues and staff. Providing effective feedback, as well as receiving new insights are an essential part of continuously developing leadership skills.

Topic #4: Storytelling as a Communication Tool

Most leadership skills are a direct result of life experiences and how we make sense of these to ourselves and others, is in the form of story. Storytelling supports stronger emotional connections and helps convey technical information in a compelling manner. Participants will learn how to harvest their own stories and communicate these in a meaningful way to have greater impact as a leader. They will also learn how to use storytelling as a tool to help them communicate more effectively with patients and their families when delivering complex information.

This training can been delivered in a variety of formats, depending on physicians schedules. It can be customized on-site or physicians can attend our open two-day courses offered virtually or in-person at beautiful venues.

  • Banner Health (Phoenix, Arizona) - annual two-day leadership conference for physician leaders
  • Methodist Healthcare (San Antonio, Texas) - four one-day sessions throughout the year
  • Abbott Diabetes Care – Ariad Pharmaceuticals - AstraZeneca - Bristol-Myers Squibb - Harvard Pilgrim Health Care - Kaiser Permanente - Millennium/Takeda - Nobel Biocare - Pharmacyclics - Shire Pharmaceuticals - leaders attended our two-day Authentic Leadership Course

Physician Testimonials

“Thank you for coming across the country and bringing a singularly unique program to my leadership group. Can I let you know I was stunned by the creativity and the nuance that you applied to achieving such a wonderful two-days. I was surprised how adeptly you understood the physician as leader and where they could grow and from what starting point. Your conference moved with purpose and with a pace that was thoughtful and never dragged. The energy and kindness of both of you just shines in a way that truly inspires me in my diverse roles." Dr Glenn Rothman, Chief of Staff, Banner Health

"This Authentic Leadership Program is a great overarching look at aspects of leadership that are often not emphasized or poorly articulated in other educational activities." Dr Travis Holloway, Chief of Surgery, Methodist Healthcare

"As a result of this Authentic Leadership Training, I'm going to pause before each patient encounter. Communication with patients is at the center of all clinical work. I'm going to do an in-person group sign out on all ICU patients." Dr Praneet Sharma, Banner Desert Medical Center

"This Authentic Leadership Program gave me a lot of introspection. I learnt a lot about different styles of leadership and personalities. All tips that can help me improve my work and personal life." Dr Jeet Gandhi, Methodist Healthcare

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Course Objectives
Course Agenda
Our Approach
Who Should Attend
What's Included

Course Objectives

  • 1. Create awareness and confidence in their own leadership style
  • 2. Understand ways to adapt their style to lead and influence others more effectively
  • 3. Learn tips around difficult conversations to receive and provide effective feedback
  • 4. Gain insights into using storytelling as a leadership communication tool
  • 5. Identify personal leadership goals and next steps to continue development
  • 6. Build out work relationships with other physician leaders

Course Agenda

Our Approach

Our course approach is to offer a truly unique experience. Our hope is that our courses will have a lasting impact on the physician leaders that we work with. These are not your typical course structures where many models will be discussed; instead it's a balanced mix of self-reflection time, one-on-one discussions, small group work and large group discussions.

We strive to make the learning stick through creating an experiential environment and by making people of all styles feel comfortable participating at the level they want to.

Who Should Attend

  • Physicians
  • CMOs
  • Nurses
  • Hospital Administrators

What's Included

  • All Course Materials
  • Workbook
  • Personalized DISC Report
  • Our clients usually organize the venue and hospitality. However, some clients prefer to send their leaders to our two-day Authentic Leadership Course where all the logistics are already organized. Check out our Course Calendar for upcoming dates and locations.
  • https://www.trilliumteams.com/leadership-courses/schedule
Ruth and Jill pulled a team of strangers together and very quickly made us feel very comfortable, created a safe environment to share and had a spot on unique technique. Excellent leadership course!
Wendy Kramer
Commercial Business Director, AstraZeneca
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