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The Critics  Are Raving


Great facilitation. Lots of time for interactive work. Good pace and breakdown of the day. I enjoyed the group work, pair-share discussions and the venue.
Authentic Leadership Course December 2019 UE
Jana Kocourek
CHEO - Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health
Manager, Engagement and Standards
Manager, Engagement and Standards, CHEO - Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health
This leadership course was far better than I had expected - it was a very positive experience!
Authentic Leadership Course Washington 2016
Vanessa Flores
St. Philips College
Radiation Safety Officer
Radiation Safety Officer, St. Philips College
Simply effective. Ruth and Jill have a unique approach that made a great difference in our team development exercise and they facilitated conversations we don't often have.
Team Building Workshop Ottawa
Joseph Nour
Protus IP Solutions
CEO, Protus IP Solutions
Thank you for a worthwhile two days that really allowed me to be introspective about myself, and my leadership style, as well as connect with others and better understand their perspective.
Authentic Leadership Course Vegas December 2018
Cynthillia Kuo
Air Lease Corp.
CFO, Air Lease Corp.
The Authentic Leadership Course is worthwhile for everyone - not just management! This course was a big boost for me to spend time in a lovely enviornment reflecting on my own work with a group of great people.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Karen Mayer
Canada Border Services Agency
Senior Editor/Team Leader
Senior Editor/Team Leader, Canada Border Services Agency
Trillium Teams did an excellent job in conducting an extremely beneficial and engaging Team Building Workshop for us. Their DISC assessment really helped us understand various communication styles.
Team Building Workshop Ottawa
Mark Frank
Intermap Technologies Inc.
VP of Customer Care
VP of Customer Care, Intermap Technologies Inc.
Very well put together leadership course; engaging the whole way through.
Authentic Leadership Course DC 2015
Kelvin M Keith
Sr Business Development Manager
Tidel, Sr Business Development Manager
I found this two day leadership course worthwhile because of your stories and examples from previous sessions. They were really interesting and insightful.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Pamela Hunt
Industry Canada
Manager, Industry Canada
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