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The Critics  Are Raving


This leadership course offered a great format and very nice workflow over the two days.
Authentic Leadership Course San Francisco 2016
Greg Hrasky
Banner Desert Medical Center
Orthopedics Physician & Department Chair
Orthopedics Physician & Department Chair, Banner Desert Medical Center
A well-designed, powerful Authentic Leadership course. Receiving feedback from other leaders outside of my industry and region was helpful and validating. I will use so much of what I've learned here in further developing my own leadership.
Authentic Leadership Course May 2021
Tracey Thompson
Teamsters Local Union No. 117
General Counsel
General Counsel, Teamsters Local Union No. 117
Both Ruth and Jill are very good at their craft. I'm thankful to them for a productive two days.
Authentic Leadership Course San Francisco 2015
Craig Santa Maria
Santa Maria & Co. Risk & Ins. Services
COO & Co-Founder
COO & Co-Founder, Santa Maria & Co. Risk & Ins. Services
You guys did a great job leading this course. Really appreciated your modeling what you taught and shared.
Authentic Leadership Course LA 2015
Rob Lawrence
Senior Manager, Application Development
Senior Manager, Application Development, Disney
This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I wish I had done it sooner!
Authentic Leadership Course NYC Sept 2016
Chris Fagan
Scivantage, Inc.
VP, Quality Assurance
VP, Quality Assurance, Scivantage, Inc.
Well organized, thought provoking, made others feel good and appreciated for who they are versus what they're expected to be.
Authentic Leadership Course Washington 2016
Vicki Truitt
Greenhill School
Director of Summer Programs
Director of Summer Programs, Greenhill School
I truly enjoyed the interactions of the last two days. It opened my eyes to the importance of the behavior of a leader, both in the big picture and dealing with individuals. Thank you!
Authentic Leadership Course Toronto 2016
Eitan Amit
R&D Manager
R&D Manager, Amico
Great facilitation! You helped establish an open and creative environment in which we could be honest and constructive, have fun and work towards tangible results.
Team Building Workshop Ottawa
Dan Merritt
Intermap Technologies
Manager, Intermap Technologies
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