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The Critics  Are Raving


Loved the feedback I received from the groups and one-on-one discussions during the Leadership Philosophy Course and this is coming from an introvert. So worth it!
Leadership Philosophy Course Arizona 2018
Paola Atkins
MIC Food
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Administrative Officer, MIC Food
It was very productive to be in this course with people outside my own company. Even though my co-workers were here, we were never placed in the same groups and I appreciated the neutral experience.
Authentic Leadership Course San Francisco 2015
Anders Nottrott
Manager, Picarro
Ruth and Jill - we want to thank you again for leading us through the Team Coaching Process. We all agreed we have made some significant progress since participating in this session.
Team Building Workshop Toronto
Christina Cleveland
Canadian Management Centre
Manager of Learning Solutions
Manager of Learning Solutions, Canadian Management Centre
I thought the Authentic Leadership Course provided useful insight into what makes leaders effective. In addition, the course offered me good insight on my own leadership style. I would recommend this course to anyone in a leadership role.
Authentic Leadership Course Washington 2016
Joe Guzzi
HNTB Corporation
Vice President
Vice President, HNTB Corporation
Loved the laughter and the mood that the team building session created — I have never seen this in our group before. Hopefully we have started on a new journey as one team.
Team Building Workshop Ottawa
Tina L'Orfano
MD Financial Services
MD Financial Services
My favorite part of the leadership course was using DISC reports to recognize the many styles around us and then learning ways to adapt yourself to be a more effective communicator and leader.
Authentic Leadership Course DC 2015
Don Gunasekara
Time Warner Cable
Director, Wireless System Integration
Director, Wireless System Integration , Time Warner Cable
I would highly recommend the Authentic Leadership Course because it provided a framework for having both good and difficult conversations.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2016
Ken MacDonald
Senior Director
Senior Director, CIBC Bank
This course offered a wonderful structure in bringing people together and focusing on each concept one step at a time.
Authentic Leadership Course Chicago 2015
Shannon Brooks
Scout Marketing
Creative Services Supervisor
Creative Services Supervisor, Scout Marketing
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