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The Critics  Are Raving


I truly enjoyed myself while actually growing and developing my leadership approach throughout this Leadership Philosophy Course. Thank you!
Leadership Philosophy Course Ottawa December 2018
Sheena Sama
Kumon Canada
Kumon Canada
This leadership course was excellent and both Ruth and Jill are key pieces of that, not only because of the content but also because of their energy and exceptional personalities.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Miren Lorente
Canadian Forest Service
Science Analyst
Science Analyst, Canadian Forest Service
The Leadership Philosophy Course - best course ever! Super professional. Never fell asleep and left wanting more.
Leadership Philosophy Course Canada 2015
Peter Smith
Public Service Commission
Programmer Analyst
Programmer Analyst, Public Service Commission
This Leadership Philosophy Course provided me with a clear vision for my future leadership. This new focus will allow me to be better prepared and articulate my vision to others.
Leadership Philosophy Course Ottawa December 2018
Neil O'Brien
Canada Border Services Agency
Canada Border Services Agency
I found this two day leadership course worthwhile because of your stories and examples from previous sessions. They were really interesting and insightful.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Pamela Hunt
Industry Canada
Manager, Industry Canada
This course has added more value to my leadership approach than anything else I've ever experienced.
Authentic Leadership Course Chicago 2016
Birgen Knoff
Bozeman Health
Clinical Informatics
Clinical Informatics, Bozeman Health
Very well organized and facilitated. Ruth and Jill made it easy for participants to stay engaged and participate freely.
Authentic Leadership Course Chicago 2015
Denise Cziraky
Kumon North America
Branch Manager
Branch Manager, Kumon North America
Great job. Relevant and good takeaways. Great delivery.
Authentic Leadership Course Las Vegas 2015
Richard Cerenzio
Director, ISN
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