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The Critics  Are Raving


You two are outstanding facilitators. A wonderful and insightful experience. A very enlightening course.
Authentic Leadership Course Vegas December 2019
Dr. Jeffrey Salomone
Banner Desert Medical Center
MD/ Surgical Critical Care
MD/ Surgical Critical Care, Banner Desert Medical Center
Ruth and Jill were very easy to speak with, open in their discussions and informed to assist.
Team Building Workshop Banff
Janice Tanton
The Banff Centre
Program Production Manager
Program Production Manager, The Banff Centre
Ruth and Jill are so well prepared and organized. The content of the course has been super helpful to me and will help me address some of the workplace issues I'm currently struggling with. Ruth and Jill have great insights and offer truly personalized advice for each participant.
Authentic Leadership Course DC, 2017
Maggie Walser
Gulf Research Program
Director, Gulf Research Program
Well done, great results, great interventions by facilitators to keep things on track, offering up important considerations and play the role of ?push?.
Team Building Workshop Ottawa
Fernand Comeau
Bruce House
Board of Directors
Board of Directors, Bruce House
Thank you for a worthwhile two days that really allowed me to be introspective about myself, and my leadership style, as well as connect with others and better understand their perspective.
Authentic Leadership Course Vegas December 2018
Cynthillia Kuo
Air Lease Corp.
CFO, Air Lease Corp.
Through this leadership course I got better insight into my leadership style and those of others I'm leading and interacting with.
Authentic Leadership Course Chicago 2015
Erica Caston Pisanty
The Langham Hotel Chicago
Director of Food and Beverage
Director of Food and Beverage, The Langham Hotel Chicago
I can tell you both love what you do. This class was awesome and a testament to your dedication to growing and developing others. I strive to attain that goal for myself. Thank you!
Authentic Leadership Course Las Vegas 2015
Dawn Taylor
Sr. Engagement Manager
Sr. Engagement Manager, Cognizant
The Leadership Philosophy Course took me out of my comfort zone and I need to do that more often. Great being a part of this Trillium training session and understanding how what you say and do is perceived by others. If you want to snooze through another leadership course, this is not for you.”
Leadership Philosophy Course Arizona 2018
Alisa Hensley
Banner Bank
Commercial Lending Manager
Commercial Lending Manager, Banner Bank
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