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The Critics  Are Raving


One of the best leadership sessions I have ever attended, in too many decades of public sector leadership and management courses.
Authentic Leadership Course Ottawa
Geoffrey Bickert
Justice Canada
Senior General Counsel
Senior General Counsel, Justice Canada
This Leadership Philosophy Course allowed me to be more aware of my style and how it may interact or be perceived by others with different styles. Ultimately, it made me realize how we can have a more productive, happy relationship with others we’re leading and interacting with.
Leadership Philosophy Course Arizona 2018
The Interview Matrix process Trillium took us through of interviewing different people helped everyone to interact with each other and really made people think ? a lot of useful information came out of it.
Team Building Workshop Ottawa
David McDonald
Canadian Blood Services
Canadian Blood Services
Excellent self-realization with some great tips and suggestions for achieving a well-balanced leadership strategy.
Authentic Leadership Course Los Angeles, February 2017
Austin Carey
Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager, Blackline
Great course and very helpful in self-awareness which I have been trying to do for over 10 years. Now I know where I am now and understand my surroundings at work and home.
Authentic Leadership Course Washington 2016
Joseph Edemeroh
SysArc, Inc
Operations Manager
Operations Manager, SysArc, Inc
Very meaningful course. Good pace and well presented. A fresh approach with very valuable information. Changes how you think of others.
Authentic Leadership Course Las Vegas 2015
Joe Helm
Leviton Manufacturing
Regional Sales Manager
Regional Sales Manager, Leviton Manufacturing
Jill and Ruth are excellent facilitators of the Authentic Leadership Course. They are energetic, understand the concepts well, and overly pleased to answer questions of any kind.
Authentic Leadership Course Los Angeles 2016
Chris Willison
IT Manager
IT Manager, Disney
I would recommend this Leadership Course to others. It was a great two days and I really enjoyed the interaction with everyone.
Authentic Leadership Course Ottawa
Dale Richardson
City of Ottawa
Manager, City of Ottawa
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