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The Critics  Are Raving


I was so impressed by how Jill and Ruth brought a very diverse group of people together and showed us how we are all leaders in our own way.
Authentic Leadership Course Las Vegas 2015
Brigid Lagerman
Marquette University
Director of Academic Advising, College of Engineering
Director of Academic Advising, College of Engineering, Marquette University
The facilitators created a very comfortable environment, which is very important as the group worked through some very uncomfortable and demanding activities. Overall a very insightful workshop.
Authentic Leadership Course Los Angeles, February 2017
Casey Nguyen
Beacon Day School
Beacon Day School
Ruth and Jill pulled a team of strangers together and very quickly made us feel very comfortable, created a safe environment to share and had a spot on unique technique. Excellent leadership course!
Authentic Leadership Course Boston
Wendy Kramer
Commercial Business Director
Commercial Business Director, AstraZeneca
I would highly recommend the Authentic Leadership Course. I think anyone would find value in this course.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Alison Babcock
VP, Marketing & International Coordinator
VP, Marketing & International Coordinator, Ipsos
Great leadership course! Will recommend this course to colleagues and friends.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Scott Hoey
Lumenera Corp
Customs and Logistics Specialist
Customs and Logistics Specialist, Lumenera Corp
I found this two day leadership course worthwhile because of your stories and examples from previous sessions. They were really interesting and insightful.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Pamela Hunt
Industry Canada
Manager, Industry Canada
This course was very thoughtful, well-facilitated, and a good mix of interactive discussions and exercises.
Authentic Leadership Course Toronto 2016
Elizabeth Armstrong
Elections Ontario
Communication Manager
Communication Manager, Elections Ontario
The most valuable course I have ever taken. It will help my interactions with colleagues, clients, friends and family.
Authentic Leadership Course Ottawa
Lisa Rutherford
Health Canada
Financial Officer
Financial Officer, Health Canada
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