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The Critics  Are Raving


Great leadership course - it teaches a new approach to leadership.
Authentic Leadership Course San Francisco 2016
Felipe Cruz
Anesthesia Physician & Department Chair
Anesthesia Physician & Department Chair
Everyone can gain something from this leadership course.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Marie-Ève Thérien
Canada Border Services Agency
Team Leader
Team Leader, Canada Border Services Agency
You two are great! Thanks for being brave enough to create your company 12 years ago! Your leadership work is changing lives - how awesome is that?
Authentic Leadership Course Washington 2016
Susan Begalka
Federal Communications Commission
Human Resources Development Specialist
Human Resources Development Specialist, Federal Communications Commission
I came because my work/new job sent me. My expectations were low but I LOVED the course. 5 Stars. Your facilitation and material was excellent.
Authentic Leadership Course Vegas December 2019
Dr. Gordon Cohen
Cardon Children’s Medical Center
MD/ Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
MD/ Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cardon Children’s Medical Center
I enjoyed the interaction and sharing with all members. Course was well taught with logical and an easy to understand approach.
Authentic Leadership Course Las Vegas 2015
Nadine Ami
Hopi Health Care Center
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Acting Chief Financial Officer, Hopi Health Care Center
I found this two day course absolutely valuable. it completely related to the position and the point I am at in my life. You get so much from it!
Authentic Leadership Course Ottawa
Johanne Maisonneuve
Canada Border Services Agency
Director, Canada Border Services Agency
There are many different tools introduced throughout the Authentic Leadership Course. I learned different ways to relate that I never imagined. I can't wait to incorporate these at work.
Authentic Leadership Course NYC
Amy Button
Sr. Account Executive
Sr. Account Executive, Gartner
If you want to understand yourself better so you can understand others better and become an authentic leader, take this leadership course!
Authentic Leadership Course Washington 2016
Ana Lopez
District Manager
District Manager, Walgreens
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