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The Critics  Are Raving


I learned many strategies that can be easily adopted in the workplace. I also appreciated the opportunity to learn from others who are dealing with similar situations.
Authentic Leadership Course Boston 2015
Jennifer Dunn
Measured Progress
Director Psychometrics
Director Psychometrics, Measured Progress
Very organized. Flowed well. Enjoyed!
Authentic Leadership Course LA 2015
Jettie Deden-Castillo
Treasurer, UNAC/UHCP
I truly enjoyed the interactions of the last two days. It opened my eyes to the importance of the behavior of a leader, both in the big picture and dealing with individuals. Thank you!
Authentic Leadership Course Toronto 2016
Eitan Amit
R&D Manager
R&D Manager, Amico
Thank you for the eye opening experience and confidence boost in who I am. Excited to work on my goal now because I'm happy and confident with who I am.
Authentic Leadership Course Chicago 2015
Elsa Dithmer
Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager, SolarWinds
This leadership course helped me learn tools to lead others better but even more importantly how to best access my strengths and to find a voice to address my challenges.
Authentic Leadership Course Chicago 2015
Jennifer Dilling
Tempel Steel Company
Order to Cash Business Analyst
Order to Cash Business Analyst, Tempel Steel Company
My favorite part of this two day course was the interactions with complete strangers from completely different professions and walks of life.
Authentic Leadership Course Chicago 2015
Vivek Samnotra
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Medical Director
Medical Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
I can tell you both love what you do. This class was awesome and a testament to your dedication to growing and developing others. I strive to attain that goal for myself. Thank you!
Authentic Leadership Course Las Vegas 2015
Dawn Taylor
Sr. Engagement Manager
Sr. Engagement Manager, Cognizant
I've had my share of communication and leadership courses before. In terms of richness, practicality, stimulation and - dare I say it? ...wisdom, this course stands head and shoulders above them all. And it was fun!
Authentic Leadership Course Los Angeles, February 2017
Alexander Weymann
Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
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