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The Critics  Are Raving


The course was excellent because it did not rest on gimmicks but instead it focused on the DISC profile to teach self-awareness; specifically identifying and building upon strengths already present.
Authentic Leadership Course San Francisco 2015
Ray Stanek
Albert and Mackenzie
Managing Attorney
Managing Attorney, Albert and Mackenzie
Thank you Jill and Ruth for creating an environment for discussion amongst the group, which was a great opportunity for learning and growth.
Authentic Leadership Course Vancouver
Bonnie Drozdowski
Alberta Innovates
Researcher, Alberta Innovates
Thank you for a worthwhile two days that really allowed me to be introspective about myself, and my leadership style, as well as connect with others and better understand their perspective.
Authentic Leadership Course Vegas December 2018
Cynthillia Kuo
Air Lease Corp.
CFO, Air Lease Corp.
Best leadership training I have ever attended during my 23 years in business.
Authentic Leadership Course Chicago 2016
Jerry Allen
7 Cedars Resort
CEO, 7 Cedars Resort
You two are wonderful! Thank you for guiding me to find out about myself. I look forward to putting these new practices in place.
Authentic Leadership Course NYC
Emily Schwartz
Bonanno Concepts
Executive Director
Executive Director, Bonanno Concepts
The Authentic Leadership Course gave me insight into my own behaviors as well as others. I leave the class with tools I can apply immediately in my personal and professional life. Thank you.
Authentic Leadership Course Vegas December 2018
Ryan Hanlan
Global Account Manager
Global Account Manager, Legrand
Very well put together leadership course; engaging the whole way through.
Authentic Leadership Course DC 2015
Kelvin M Keith
Sr Business Development Manager
Tidel, Sr Business Development Manager
Great course and very helpful in self-awareness which I have been trying to do for over 10 years. Now I know where I am now and understand my surroundings at work and home.
Authentic Leadership Course Washington 2016
Joseph Edemeroh
SysArc, Inc
Operations Manager
Operations Manager, SysArc, Inc
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