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The Critics  Are Raving


The pace was great. Comfortable atmosphere. I have a lot of valuable takeaways.
Authentic Leadership Course Las Vegas 2015
Ginger Schmid
E-Services manager
E-Services manager, WSECU
Great leadership course - it teaches a new approach to leadership.
Authentic Leadership Course San Francisco 2016
Felipe Cruz
Anesthesia Physician & Department Chair
Anesthesia Physician & Department Chair
I enjoyed the interaction and sharing with all members. Course was well taught with logical and an easy to understand approach.
Authentic Leadership Course Las Vegas 2015
Nadine Ami
Hopi Health Care Center
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Acting Chief Financial Officer, Hopi Health Care Center
I enjoyed this leadership course very much and found it very helpful. The techniques will not only help me do my job better, but also help me understand what kind of person I am, which is very important to any person.
Authentic Leadership Course Washington 2016
Qingfeng He
FOLIO Investing
Senior Director, Engineering
Senior Director, Engineering, FOLIO Investing
I really liked the Difficult Conversations segment of the Authentic Leadership Course. Be paired up with someone with such a different style and perspective than mine was extremely valuable.
Authentic Leadership Course Los Angeles 2016
Dane Collins
Alpine Electronics Research of America, Inc.
Vice President R&D
Vice President R&D, Alpine Electronics Research of America, Inc.
Understanding our differences in styles in the Team Coaching Process is getting a key to unlock the team's potential. Suddenly tension between team members can be understood as differences in styles.
Authentic Leadership Course Ottawa
Cathy Smith
Protus IP Solutions
Director of Finance
Director of Finance, Protus IP Solutions
Great leadership course! Will recommend this course to colleagues and friends.
Authentic Leadership Course Canada 2015
Scott Hoey
Lumenera Corp
Customs and Logistics Specialist
Customs and Logistics Specialist, Lumenera Corp
Thank you for a worthwhile two days that really allowed me to be introspective about myself, and my leadership style, as well as connect with others and better understand their perspective.
Authentic Leadership Course Vegas December 2018
Cynthillia Kuo
Air Lease Corp.
CFO, Air Lease Corp.
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