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Team  Coaching

We offer a three step Team Coaching Process for teams looking to address specific challenges or improve their communications. The goal of this process is to help improve team dynamics and increase performance.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Our unique three step team coaching process is for smaller teams of 15 people or less looking to address specific challenges or improve their internal communications.This process typically takes two months and uses DISC assessments as the baseline for discussion.

When We Help

  • Functional Teams
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Executive Teams
  • Project Based Teams
  • New Teams

Who We Help

  • New Manager or Team Members
  • Communication Problems
  • Launching a New Project
  • Restructuring or Following a Reorganization
  • General Team Building

Our Approach

Our three step process ensures success as content is customized to suit the specific challenges of a team and delivered over an extended period of time. This is not an off-the-shelf product. Research indicates that the more touch points a new methodology has within an organization, the greater the chances of success in bringing about lasting changes and effective results.

Phase 1: Assessment and Individual Debriefing Sessions
This initial phase gives each participant an opportunity for personal development - which also builds trust for this process and sets proper expectations for the workshops. Each person receives a one hour personal debriefing call about their DISC assessment and their perspective. This phase is not only essential for the participant, but also for Trillium Teams to analyze and identify the needs of the team, in order to develop customized workshop content.

Phase 2: Team Workshops
The objective of the workshops is for participants to understand the different working and communication styles on the team and to address their specific team challenges. This workshops are completely customized to address your challenges and opportunities and can be delivered in two or three half day sessions or a full day session.

Phase 3: Follow Up with Manager and Team
The final phase of this process is a follow-up - with the manager or team leader as well as the team. The manager can expect a one-time coaching session to review the workshops and the Executive Summary which outlines the results and action items.

Follow up with the team takes place within two months post workshop. This phase is invaluable for everyone as it reinforces the process and holds everyone directly accountable.

We encourage you to Contact Us to learn more about out Team Coaching Process or to receive a free, no-obligation proposal.

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I have attended several workshops on communication, teamwork, and management and this is easily the most useful.
Andrew MacVicar
Director of Client Services, CVE Inc.
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